Mr. Rockson, also known as Junior Rockson (JRocs), is originally from South London, with a Ghanaian Heritage.

Due to the success of Mr. Rockson’s debut single, Ikaya Yii, he decides to produce ‘kaya Yii remix featuring UK Afrobeats duo Kwamz & Flava & upcoming Rapper Chef.

Engineer turn recording artist (Mr. Rockson), presents a transition away from his daily duties of producing and engineering to his musical capabilities.

Mr Rockson, Mista Silva


Mr. Rockson showcases his culture and heritage through his single with references to food, relationships, lifestyle and comical connotations.
He even goes further and creates his own lingo “Ikaya Yiii Kaya Yaa”

“Ikaya Yiii Kaya Yaa”: 2017