UK Rapper/Singer

Age: 23

Mdargg is a 23-year-old rapper from London neighborhoods with a different rap style who create a unique sound he nicknamed the “1 Fiddy style”.  1 Fiddy is a band that currently consists of 3 artists such as Stickz Mdargg and Grizzy.

In the summer of 2015 Mdargg released his hit “Look Like You” which had very good returns in Urban London with Grizzy.
He has accumulated more than two million views on YouTube.  It did not take long for the video to be pushed on the popular underground channel HBV TV LINK UP TV and on the national channel AKA Channel and shown nationwide.

Played in all the discotheques and urban radio in the country the Buzz has grown and their Song “Look like you” has become a popular sound in the whole World.

Grizzy x M Dargg | Look Like You

M Dargg – Hm Hm Hmm

M Dargg – M&S